Collaboration Brews - Pratical advice?
POSTED BY Will Keating ON Wed, 04/24/2019 - 11:22

Hi Folks,
I'm doing some research on Collaboration Brews for a presentation and I would love to get some of your perspectives on the really practical elements of what goes on.

I firmly believe that Collaboration Brews can be a good thing for smaller brewers but often they are deployed in a random and haphazard way that doesn't provide the benefits envisioned to either party. At their best, they can help brewers, grow sales, gain technical experience, explore new styles, build relationships and have fun. But I have seen and heard of occasions when they cost money, cause friction and diminish brand value.

So, if you have any Collaboration Brew experiences, good and bad that you could share?

What would you recommend as being the right things to look for in choosing a collaboration partner?
Who chooses the beer style/recipe/branding? If it's truly collaborative, who has the final say in the event of a dispute?
Who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) of a collaboration brew? Is this ever discussed?
Who pays for the production? Who profits from the sales? Are there different approaches for different collaboration models?
How do collaborations really benefit your business?
What learnings would you share with a small brewer about to embark on their first collaboration?

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS I did note some of the great points raised in the earlier "Operation Collaboration" topic but I am seeking some fresh perspectives as well.