Lease Negotiations
POSTED BY NAPoulos44 ON Wed, 03/09/2016 - 18:10
Hi everyone, I'm Nathan Poulos, head of brewing operations for Camino Brewing Co. Thanks for all of your constant input here in the CAS forum. A new question... We are currently negotiating a lease with a prospective landlord and are having some difficulty convincing him of a few things, but chief among them is that we shouldn't be required to start paying rent until construction / installation of the equipment is complete. So I am hoping that that other CAS breweries out there can help me out putting together some information. When did you start paying rent if you lease your space? What other landlord contributions or improvements were you able to negotiate for? What improvements were you unsuccessful negotiating for that you would have liked? You can reach me at if you need more space to reply. Thanks very much! Nathan