Production Planning & Innovation - Margin & Profitability Strategies
POSTED BY Karen Sheley ON Thu, 11/29/2018 - 21:02

Hello, CAS Community!

I'm interested in how other breweries plan their production schedules to allow for innovative new beers, but also to ensure they make enough core beers with predictable margins. Basically, do you have any general rules for your product portfolio strategies?

At Gateway Brewing (Portland, OR) we make and sell a lot of IPA and have a firm grasp on its margins and velocity out in the market. However, we also love being creative and we know our consumers are always on the hunt for something new. What strategies do you all have to balance the financial predictability of your core beers like IPA with the excitement and uncertainty around a habañero huckleberry gose? I'm interested in both the constraints you have in place (Maximum COGS for innovative beers) and also when you let your brewing team break the rules (even a little). Thanks!!