Webinar - Expansion: Baerlic & Migration on Current Efforts

Ben Parsons, Baerlic Brewing
McKean Banzer-Lausberg, Migration Brewing
Brian Grafton, FMD Architects
Mark Moore, FMD Architects
Sam Holloway, Crafting A Strategy (emcee)

This members-only webinar is driven by CAS brewing entrepreneurs undergoing two very different expansion projects: McKean Banzer-Lausberg (Migration Brewing) and Ben Parsons (Baerlic Brewing). Sam Holloway emcees the conversation and CAS members from FMD Architects were on hand to support these entrepreneurs and any other relevant members questions.

Baerlic Brewing Co-Founder, Ben Parsons shares his innovative business model of partnering with a developer as the anchor tenant in a new beer hall/food cart venture - The Barley Pod. Ben shared his struggle with delays and efforts made to keep community members excited about a project that was hit with several permitting challenges. Ben asked for advice on planning, when to hire an architect, and also common traits that Sam Holloway notices when talking to successful craft brewery owners. McKean Banzer-Lausberg, Co-Founder of Migration Brewing then gave an update on his production facility (video here) and taproom/pizza restaurant in Gresham, Oregon. McKean asked for advice on financing architectural services, mechanical engineering, value engineering best practices, and more. Architectural domain experts from FMD Architects (Ohio) shared solutions to these challenges, relying on their several years' invested in understanding the business, science, and design challenges craft breweries faced. Quote of the Webinar by Ben Parsons: "It's nice to talk to an architect that actually knows what a grist case is!"