Webinar - Expansion: Permitting and Tenant Improvements

Brian Grafton, FMD Architects
Sam Holloway, Crafting A Strategy (emcee)

Our third webinar on expansion focused on permitting, landlords, tenant improvements and design choices to maximize revenue in the smallest square footage possible. Sam Holloway and Brian Grafton discussed how difficult it is to anticipate all the future design needs as your business grows, but also provided some rules of thumb that work in almost any situation.

Quote of the webinar had to do with the relationship between your lease terms, tenant improvement, and bank financing: "If your tenant improvements cost too much and you only sign a 5 year lease, most banks are going to balk at that because the runway isn't long enough for the up front investment to pay the loan back." Questions from the audience (both US and EU breweries attended online) also led to discussions about cold storage, loading dock design, and door heights.