What does it mean to listen to your customers?
POSTED BY Sam Holloway ON Sun, 08/03/2014 - 21:21
Who in your firm is responsible for listening to customers? How does the owner/CEO decide where to spend resources to ensure the firm is responsive to customers? Without a plan, too much money can be spent in the wrong places.... For example, if an owner listens to the sales manager, who spends the most time with customers (bars, distributors, even end consumers), the sales manager might suggest the owner add more sales people to get more direct connections with customers. If the owner asks the firm's controller what the customer thinks, they are likely to respond with which styles are selling the most and at the greatest profit. The brewing team will tell an owner they know best what customers want, quality. They may ask for more expensive ingredients and longer cellar times. With limited time and resources, what is an owner supposed to do? Read Dr. Ian Parkman's white paper 'Marketing is Too Important to Be Left to the Marketers' and share your thoughts with the other CAS members. This paper is found under the Core Curriculum-->Brand Community pages.