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Casual Tour for Professors & Teachers,
by Mark Meckler, Ph.D.


CRAFTING A STRATEGY is currently being used by strategy professors and students at universities across the U.S.A. as dynamic multimedia alternative to a textbook.

What a rousing success I found this semester and the focus on the beer industry to be for my students. I was blown away at how much students “get it”, how they understand strategy’s gives and takes, the nuances of the decisions that breweries have to make in their environment.”
--Rhett Brymer, John Mee Endowed Professor Miami University (OH), November 2015


Making the switch from old and outdated textbooks to our dynamic online curriculum is easy and fast! We've helped professors at several universities get up and running in only a couple of days. Imagine giving your students homework they enjoy and access to a worldwide network of business professionals at the same time!

Click on the links below to see how easy it is to incorporate CAS content into what you've always been doing. Sample syllabi showcase the power of Crafting A Strategy to increase student engagement while still covering the topics you feel are most important!

Links to Example Syllabi:

Dr. Verhaal, Georgia State University, Strategic Management

Dr. Brymer, Miami of Ohio, Undergraduate Capstone, Business Policy & Strategy

Dr. Tilleman, University of Montana, MBA, Strategic Management

Dr. Hill, Oklahoma State University, Undergraduate, Strategic Management

Dr. Meckler, University of Portland, Undergraduate Capstone, Business Policy & Strategy


The Professors' Corner is an online portal where professors create and share new content. In addition to the over 150 content pieces created by CAS, the Professors' Corner also curates external content to continuously update the knowledge base.

As one MBA Student Suggested: “Not only were there interactive cases to explore, new material is constantly being added, giving the eager MBA student an extensive assortment of material to peruse or even utilize to become a savvy craft brewer, too!” - Monika Zinter, MBA Student at University of Portland, December 2015