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As founders, we quickly realized we needed additional expertise to offer our members the depth and breadth of knowledge needed for success. Over the years, we’ve added expertise in human resources, TTB and regulatory, brewing science, yeast, operations, finance, mergers & acquisitions, distribution, and communications. Plus, we are always bringing in professors and scholars with craft beer research interests, particularly those outside the United States.



Guest Blogger Ben Engler

Ben Engler, Brewer and Proprietor, Occidental Brewing Co., CAS Member

From the voice of a brewery owner, Ben reflects on lessons learned opening a small brewery, focusing on German-style ales and lagers, and slowly growing the business to compete in the crowded Beervana, Portland, OR and beyond.



Guest Blogger Janene Grace

Janene Grace, Owner and Consultant, Grace Regulatory Consultants

With over 11 years of regulatory experience, as a federal alcohol regulator and regulatory manager at a leading brewery and cidery, bringing a unique perspective to alcohol regulatory compliance to our community. Recently established Grace Regulatory Consultants so she could take her regulatory expertise to a wider audience.





Kerby Meyers, Principal, The Communications Refinery, PBC

With an emphasis on purpose-driven companies, Kerby provides insights and guidance on strategic and communication matters. He is the co-creator (with Sam Holloway) of the Fermenting A Future sessions for craft brewers.



Guest Blogger Kevin OBrien

Kevin O'Brien, CPA Sr. Vice President, Zepponi & Co.

Specializing in financial modeling, strategic planning, and mergers and acquisitions, Kevin has been involved on both the buy and sell side of over $250 million in food & beverage transactions.



Guest Blogger Andre Sammartino

Andre Sammartino, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer, International Business, University of Melbourne

Joining us from Melbourne, Australia, Andre is an international business academic with a strong passion for craft beer and a desire to apply his strategic management expertise to an industry that makes people happy. He has done extensive work on internationalization strategies and senior executive cognition.




Tom Schmidlin, Brewer and Proprietor, Postdoc Brewing, CAS Member

From the voice of a brewery owner in his first year, Tom contributes wisdom for those with breweries in planning. Tom has vast experience as a home brewer and member of the Board of the American Homebrewers Association, and is a founding member of CAS.



Guest Blogger Andy Sherwood

Andy Sherwood, MBA Sr. Benefits Specialist, City of Aspen

Beginning with a blog series on "HR & Benefits Strategies for Craft Breweries", Andy brings a long history as a home brewer, plus extensive knowledge in finance, operations, and as a benefits administrator and benefits auditor in large and small organizations. Additionally, produced his MBA thesis centered on benefits policy standards for craft breweries.



Guest Blogger Victor ten Wolde

Victor ten Wolde, Commercial Marketing Professional & Spirits Expert

With over 15 years in the spirits industry ranging from small family owned distilleries to global operating industry market leaders such as Ketel One Vodka and Johnny Walker. Expertise in portfolio brand pricing and distribution strategies, financial analysis, and plan execution. Joining us all the way from The Hauge in the Netherlands.