CAS Presenting May 26 @ the China Craft Beer Conference & Exhibition

Craft beer is growing rapidly in China. So much so, that the China Beer Conference and Exhibition (CBCE) is taking place next week in Shanghai. An all-star list of speakers includes Steve Hindy, founder and CEO of Brooklyn Brewery, Matthew Brynildson, Brewmaster at Firestone Walker Brewery, Michael Jordan, Brewmaster at BoxingCat Brewery, and also industry leaders from Germany, Brazil, and China.

CAS Founders Sam Holloway and Mark Meckler are featured speakers. Sam will be speaking to the smaller craft breweries in Asia about business models that allow for fragmented and local breweries to thrive, no matter their location or infrastructure. Meckler will be talking about Chinese culture, and how the ethos of craft fits nicely with Chinese food and beverage traditions. China has always consumed vast amounts of beer, it is great to see the Chinese people can now have more choices and more flavorable beer to consume.

Sam Holloway speaks at 11:30am on May 26 in Subsession 1: "How Small Breweries Can Compete in the Global Market Place"

Mark Meckler speaks at 3:30pm on May 26 in Subsession 2: "Connection Between Cultural Values and Craft Breweries"

Check out the full program, here.