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SUBMITTED BY Joe Belcher ON Jun 4, 2019

Inspired by the survival story from CAS Co-founder, Joe Belcher and many others, a group of CAS member breweries have developed a program to increase awareness and raise money for blood cancer research (Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma). That beer and our mission carry the same name: Out for Blood!

"2 years ago, I took my last round of chemotherapy to battle non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I was devastated when diagnosed, but I feel lucky in the sense it was me and not my wife or one of my kids. That is difficult to write but is important for me to share. It is what motivates me still to fight, to fight for others. Today I am a survivor. Today every 3 minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer. So join the fight and raise a glass, and together, let’s go Out for Blood!" -Joe Belcher  

To learn more, go to OutForBlood.Beer.

To see our growing number of events to support the program, check out our Facebook events page here.

Crafting A Strategy is a proud sponsor of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the fight against all blood cancers.


Joe Belcher
SUBMITTED BY Joe Belcher ON May 3, 2019

We are very pleased to announce an education partnership with the Pink Boots Society. Beginning May 2019 and throughout the next two years, we will be offering free one-year memberships as part of the Pink Boots Society's scholarship initiatives. Each quarter, five memberships will be awarded to scholarship recipients. Recipients will be selected by the Pink Boots Society's Scholarship Selection Committee. These scholarships will diversity the beer business focused scholarships in the portfolio of educational scholarships offered via the Pink Boots Society.

Sam Holloway, President of Crafting A Strategy, states:

"The Pink Boots Society's mission to assist, inspire, and encourage women beer professionals and advance their careers in the beer Industry through education is a spectacular match to our mission at Crafting A Strategy. Our community includes hundreds of beer industry executives who use our platform and educational content to run better beer businesses. Our industry is on the cusp of having 10,000 breweries in the USA alone, and with more breweries comes greater diversity and increasing opportunities for women to lead us forward. We're honored to help the Pink Boots Society fulfill their mission." 

Who is Crafting A Strategy?

We are a global community of makers who create experiences that unite people. Our membership includes breweries in 16 countries on four continents. We believe that a highly fragmented, dispersed, and global community of entrepreneurs that rely on wisdom and each other is the best way forward. Our members use technology to stay connected and to overcome geographic and market forces that are stacked against them.

We use the highest-level business ideas available, translated and made easy to understand, to help you build a business that can make a real difference in your community. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we know most of them reside inside the heads of our community members. Diversity of people in our community is the key. Big, small, men, women, brewers, lawyers, bankers – with greater diversity of training and vision, our collective can be stronger and more inclusive.

The scholarship application for this current window is May 5-31, 2019 and can be found here: httpps://

Keep your eyes here each quarter as we announce the new scholarship recipients and opportunities for the next round of scholarship applications.


Joe Belcher
SUBMITTED BY Joe Belcher ON Mar 5, 2018

CAS President, Sam Holloway, is scheduled to deliver top lecture, "Small Breweries: How to Grow and Stay Small" at the inaugural craft brewers conference in Europe, The Brewers of Europe Forum. This event, scheduled for June 7-8 in Brussels, brings together the 7,500+ European brewery community members. Other scheduled speakers can be seen here.

Sam Holloway offered these comments on his upcoming keynote: "I'm honored to be selected to speak about how small breweries can grow and thrive in global craft beer markets ... It is especially exciting to have several US and Netherlands based Crafting A Strategy members with us in Brussels. We've been building our community of brewing entrepreneurs for about four years, helping each other reinterpret business strategy if you are small and want to grow without being clobbered by the big breweries. Our methods work and I am excited to share them with EU craft breweries who want to learn from both successes and mistakes from the more mature craft beer markets in the USA. I would also like to thank my friend, Luc de Raedemaeker for inviting us to be a part of this exciting event!" 

The Brewers of Europe Forum is led by Luc de Raedemaeker, who holds the position of Director of The Brewers of Europe Forum, CEO/Owner of Beer Matters, Tasting Director at Brussels Beer Challenge, CEO/Owner of name a few.

The Brewers of Europe Forum will bring together more than 1,000 professionals from Europe's diverse brewing sector. An exhibition floor with 40+ companies will demonstrate the latest innovations in the industry and include tastings from beers around Europe. From cultivating your own yeast to the science of food pairing, from targeting millennials to reducing your environmental footprint, the Brewers of Europe Forum will offer inspiration for attendees coming together to prepare a bright future for beer in Europe. Read more from The Brewers of Europe Forum press release here.


Joe Belcher
SUBMITTED BY Joe Belcher ON Nov 1, 2017

Crafting A Strategy (CAS), a global online knowledge sharing community dedicated to the business of craft beer, is proud to offer Continuing Legal Education (CLE) with a focus the fast growing craft beer industry. Currently, we are accredited sponsors with the Oregon State Bar. We offer on-demand video training and each video qualifies for one hour of general credits. Upon completing purchase, your receipt will include all information necessary for MCLE Compliance Report Itemization. We will continue to add videos for Oregon and other states so stay tuned and let us know what states and categories you would like to see added. Click here for our current on-demand CLE videos.

Founded in 2014, CAS is the professional development tool of choice for beer business professionals on four continents. Additionally, university business schools increasingly use CAS content in undergraduate and MBA courses to teach strategic thinking, innovation, leadership, and strategic control systems.


Joe Belcher
SUBMITTED BY Joe Belcher ON Oct 19, 2017

We are thrilled to announce a continuation of our partnership with the Oregon Brewers Guild. The OBG has partnered with CAS again this year to offer all OBG members 50% off an annual "Wisdom" membership at CAS to all who join in the month of November, 2017. Additionally, all OBG members will receive a perpetual 20% off all CAS membership levels after November 30, 2017.

Here’s a quote from a couple of current CAS Members who took advantage of the promotion last year:

"The kind of industry insight and perspective shared in the CAS forums and community has played an important role in how we make big decisions at Baerlic—we're very lucky to have the ability to learn from other people's experience and mistakes!" - Ben Parsons, Baerlic Brewing

"To have two great organizations like OBG and CAS partner again is awesome. I can't say enough good things about both. The CAS membership has allowed me to reach out to a number of industry veterans and gain invaluable insight that has helped LGM grow. It's the equivalent of a digital happy hour." - Adam Steffen, LGM Distributing

"Crafting a Strategy (CAS) is the perfect compliment to our OBG membership!  It's awesome to be able to connect with other independent brewers on a wide variety of forum discussions.  The Migration team also really enjoys the weekly 15 minutes of inspiration emails!  I would highly recommend being a part of this community to anyone that wants to be active in our industry." - McKean Banzer-Lausberg, Migration Brewing

CAS is the professional development tool of choice at craft breweries on four continents, plus it is increasingly used in business schools across the USA to teach strategic thinking. When registering, please use the coupon code OREGONGUILD at checkout.


Joe Belcher
SUBMITTED BY Joe Belcher ON Sep 28, 2016

"Chinese entrepreneurs - Sam Holloway, a beer industry expert and an Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the University of Portland, says all three elements are good for Widmer...."

For the entire article, CLICK HERE


Joe Belcher
SUBMITTED BY Joe Belcher ON Aug 2, 2016

Professors from multiple universities across the USA are using Crating A Strategy as a dynamic multimedia alternative to a textbook.

For more information including a brief video on pedagogical features, example syllabi and how easy it is to convert from your old textbook to a better solution, CLICK HERE


Joe Belcher
SUBMITTED BY Joe Belcher ON Jun 23, 2016

Every brewery hits a plateau where they need to bring in experts in various fields to help them continue growing, whether you're brewing 3000 barrels per year or 4 million. Sam Holloway, President of Crafting A Strategy, will speak to start-ups, brewpubs, and microbreweries on the trade-offs between scale, creativity, happiness and profitability.

Check out other industry experts scheduled to show you how to get the financing and investment you need to build/expand your business! FOR PRELIMINARY CONFERENCE AGENDA, CLICK HERE

August 24-25, 2016 in San Diego, CA. REGISTER HERE


Joe Belcher
SUBMITTED BY Joe Belcher ON May 19, 2016

Craft beer is growing rapidly in China. So much so, that the China Beer Conference and Exhibition (CBCE) is taking place next week in Shanghai. An all-star list of speakers includes Steve Hindy, founder and CEO of Brooklyn Brewery, Matthew Brynildson, Brewmaster at Firestone Walker Brewery, Michael Jordan, Brewmaster at BoxingCat Brewery, and also industry leaders from Germany, Brazil, and China.

CAS Founders Sam Holloway and Mark Meckler are featured speakers. Sam will be speaking to the smaller craft breweries in Asia about business models that allow for fragmented and local breweries to thrive, no matter their location or infrastructure. Meckler will be talking about Chinese culture, and how the ethos of craft fits nicely with Chinese food and beverage traditions. China has always consumed vast amounts of beer, it is great to see the Chinese people can now have more choices and more flavorable beer to consume.

Sam Holloway speaks at 11:30am on May 26 in Subsession 1: "How Small Breweries Can Compete in the Global Market Place"

Mark Meckler speaks at 3:30pm on May 26 in Subsession 2: "Connection Between Cultural Values and Craft Breweries"

Check out the full program, here.


Joe Belcher
SUBMITTED BY Joe Belcher ON May 18, 2016

Once again, the Co-Founders of CRAFTING A STRATEGY are leading the conversation in the craft beer business arena. Sam Holloway and Mark Meckler suggest that AB InBev continues to chase higher profitability through lower-quality products and acquisitions at the expense of finding new customers. While these actions might please shareholders in the short term, they also fit nicely into disruption theory’s playbook where new technologies, laws, consumer awareness and business models actively work against the long-held advantages of incumbents.

In 20 years, will cracking open a Budweiser on a summer day still be commonplace? Or will it be a relic of times past? If AB InBev stays on its current strategic course, the latter, while tough to imagine now, is the more plausible scenario.

Read the full story: “Can you imagine a world without Budweiser? We can” – The Conversation, May 2016

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