Sam Holloway to deliver top lecture at inaugural Brewers of Europe Forum

CAS President, Sam Holloway, is scheduled to deliver top lecture, "Small Breweries: How to Grow and Stay Small" at the inaugural craft brewers conference in Europe, The Brewers of Europe Forum. This event, scheduled for June 7-8 in Brussels, brings together the 7,500+ European brewery community members. Other scheduled speakers can be seen here.

Sam Holloway offered these comments on his upcoming keynote: "I'm honored to be selected to speak about how small breweries can grow and thrive in global craft beer markets ... It is especially exciting to have several US and Netherlands based Crafting A Strategy members with us in Brussels. We've been building our community of brewing entrepreneurs for about four years, helping each other reinterpret business strategy if you are small and want to grow without being clobbered by the big breweries. Our methods work and I am excited to share them with EU craft breweries who want to learn from both successes and mistakes from the more mature craft beer markets in the USA. I would also like to thank my friend, Luc de Raedemaeker for inviting us to be a part of this exciting event!" 

The Brewers of Europe Forum is led by Luc de Raedemaeker, who holds the position of Director of The Brewers of Europe Forum, CEO/Owner of Beer Matters, Tasting Director at Brussels Beer Challenge, CEO/Owner of name a few.

The Brewers of Europe Forum will bring together more than 1,000 professionals from Europe's diverse brewing sector. An exhibition floor with 40+ companies will demonstrate the latest innovations in the industry and include tastings from beers around Europe. From cultivating your own yeast to the science of food pairing, from targeting millennials to reducing your environmental footprint, the Brewers of Europe Forum will offer inspiration for attendees coming together to prepare a bright future for beer in Europe. Read more from The Brewers of Europe Forum press release here.