AB/In-Bev's Apparent Strategy

Sometimes it’s good to get out of Beervana. Portland, Oregon is a wonderful city and it has been my home for the past sixteen or so years. I still remember my first visit, when I was interviewing for my job at the University of Portland. My potential new colleagues took me to the old Bridgeport Brewing on NW 14th, and we had fantastic pizza and the most delicious ale this kid from New York had ever tried. I had been all over the world, cooking food and running food & beverage departments in some of the world’s most beautiful places.

Great Leaders Empower Others

Mark Meckler Ph.D. - Crafting A Strategy

Top Down, Bottom Up, & Middle Out Leadership

Let’s get the message clear from the start. Everyone in your company needs to know how to lead. Everyone in your company needs to know how to follow. Everyone in your company needs training to learn how to lead, follow and to think strategically. It is what all the great companies do: They empower leaders, followers, and thinkers at every level of the organization.

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