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It seems like a very lively process...I'm actually part of a learning community.
- Allen Korenstein, Camino Brewing, California, USA

My annual membership saves us over $10,000 each year in consultant fees and in seeing around corners to avoid mistakes.
It is the forums and the access to the experts...the speed with which they respond is awesome.

- Steve Waters, Backwoods Brewing, Washington, USA

I am all about this. And while craft beer in China faces unique challenges, the folks at CRAFTINGASTRATEGY have developed a curriculum that works. It works well for me because their ideas apply to any craft business anywhere. I can jump on their forums and answer questions about China, but I can also ask questions of other members as we collaborate to ensure each other’s success.
- Michael Jordan, Boxing Cat Brewing, Shanghai, China

CAS is a great resource for research on a variety of topics. Reading posts and answers or posing my own questions helps me gather information to make decisions.
- Tom Schmidlin, Postdoc Brewing, Washington, USA

The kind of industry insight and perspective shared in the CAS forums and community has played an important role in how we make big decisions at Baerlic—we're very lucky to have the ability to learn from other people's experience and mistakes!
- Ben Parsons, Baerlic Brewing, Oregon, USA

It's awesome to be able to connect with other independent brewers on a wide variety of forum discussions. The Migration team also really enjoys the weekly 15 minutes of inspiration emails! I would highly recommend being a part of this community to anyone that wants to be active in our industry.
- McKean Banzer-Lausberg, Migration Brewing, Oregon, USA

We believe that it is nonsense to waste the environment with the transport (of Dutch-made beer) to the USA. So, we reached out (to CAS members) make and sell the beer for us in Portland. Since then, we have expanded our vision to include brewing American craft beer in Utrecht for sale in The Netherlands and beyond.
- Ryan Flynn, Oproer Brewing, Utrecht Netherlands

I didn't really use the value that CAS offered for two years. ...I was finally ready for help. In just 14 days, I was able to tap into the real power of CAS. Read more in this blog: Two Weeks that Changed My Brewery's Strategy
- Tim Hohl, Coin Toss Brewing, Oregon, USA